Re: Quantitive Axle Failure Anaylsis

One of the best articles I ever read on this topic. Thanks Brett.

I didn’t break an axle myself yet, (but lots of other parts like cranks, seat
posts, spokes of course…). But I’m sceptical about the crank of one of my
unis. Testing the resonant frequency of the spokes seems to be an excellent and
reasonable method. Of course it only works if the wheel is properly trued. But
this should not be a problem. I’ll try your method tonight.

The hubs I use are manufactured by N&K. I’m very content with them and I stress
them very hard, for instance by hopping or riding spins and pirouettes with
another (adult) person (sometimes two or more persons as well) sitting or
standing on my shoulder. The hubs are available with 36 or 48 holes. The 36
holes version is even available with two different hole diameters for 2.3mm or
1.8mm spokes. These hubs are sold here in Germany by Georg Siegmon (= Siegmono
Cycle) (and probably by some other traderes as well) for about 54
Deutschmarks (US$1 = DM1.75 approx.) for the 36 holes hub and DM58 for the 48
holes version.

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