Re: Person Prep for California MUNI Weekend

People have been describing the Downieville Downhill as 17 miles and 4000’
of descent. It’s a fantastic ride, but the honest truth is that it has some
uphill, like 1000’. To enjoy this ride, you really should do some long rides
beforehand. Basically just go out and ride for a long time, working up to
7-8 hours which is what Downieville will be. As long as you’re doing mostly
non-flat terrain, your legs will be fine. It’s gorgeous, fun, challenging -
a perfect Muni ride. I didn’t take a camera last time we did it, so no

The other rides are less strenuous, but still challenging and fun.


Correctamundo. I was going to mention the uphill in my long post, but I forgot. We figured somewhere between 900-1000 feet of climbing, but at least it’s scattered around and not all concentrated in one place! But it does add to the work required to do the ride.

More information will follow after I’ve worked with the shuttle folks in Downieville and found out some more details. One thing to keep in mind though:

If you plan to ride the Downieville Downhill, you cannot fly home from Sacramento on Sunday, Oct. 19! We will get back fairly late, and the pressure of trying to make it all the way back to the airport, early, plus packing unicycles, is too much to expect. Reno airport might actually be closer to Downieville, but not to my house or the other rides. This is the only drawback of riding Downieville on Sunday.