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>>>Yeah, well, the fact that a gaping hole to hell didn’t
>>>open up under Bush’s feet as soon as he stepped into
>>>the Vatican grounds is all the proof I need that YHWH
>>>doesn’t exist. I mean, who politicizes a funeral? His
>>>speech can be summarized as “The Pope agreed with me
>>>on abortion. I don’t want to talk about the Iraq war
>>>or the death penalty.”
>> Tell me they didn’t let The First Nitwit participate in the ceremonies?!?
> Some people have the naive fantasy that when foreigners refer to the
> American President as the representative of America, they separate out
> those that are against him but in reality, they put us all in the same
> basket and when someone makes these kinds of remarks, they put themselves
> in it too.
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Well…gosh…what’s it like going through life without knowing much?

um…buh bye, I s’pose. :slight_smile: