Re: nonsense

Wayne van Wijk wrote:
> I just got myself a brand new cruising unicycle. It’s got a bell, a carry
> rack, handlebars, a spare wheel attached to the front of the frame (the extra
> wheel and handlebars makes steering a lot easier) and a chain driven rear
> wheel. It’s really cool.

I’ve got a similiar machine. It has got bell, carry rack and handlebars as well.
Ok, spare wheel and chain drive are still missing. But it’s got speedometer,
lighting (working with dynamo!), fender, break and several side, front and rear
reflectors instead. It’s at least as cool as yours and the non existing spare
wheel doesn’t handicap me steering. Obviously two wheels are twice as hard to
handle than one. Actually that’s the reason, why children are not allowed to
ride their tricycles (triple difficulty to control => lack of safety!) on roads.
The only thing I don’t understand is why cars (4 wheels => 4 times as hard to
control => disasterous saftey attributes) are allowed to drive nearby
everywhere. They are incredibly unsafe as you can see from the accident
statistics: not a single entry for unicycle accidents compared to thousands of
car crashs.


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