Hello everyone.

I’ve been wanting to get a MUNI for a while now and have it narrowed down between the 24" Nimbus ISIS and the 26" Nimbus ISIS.

I rode a uni for a few years when I was about 11 or 12. I think it was a 24" uni. (bigger than my friends) I’m 35 now.

I was about skill level 4+ when I rode. I rode DH mountain bikes, XC etc for years but don’t much anymore because of a weak shoulder. I’ve jumped on a uni here and there over the years, and know I will need to relearn/practice.

I’m not looking to do huge drops, grinds, or trials. I would like to ride mellow single track and commute to the train (1 mile away) on pavement. I can see myself doing 2 foot drops eventually; but, really just want to cruise along and roll over mellow stuff. Drink a beer and hike over the big stuff.

I’ve considered putting a 26 x 2.0 slick tire on the 26" to learn. Then run a 2.6 or 3.0 for rough stuff later. I’ll ride mostly fire trails, single track, and to the pub. There are some steep hills around here; but, my ride to the train is mostly flat… I live in the San Francisco bay area.

I’m really leaning towards the 26" as I think I will just be wanting to cruise the bike path and fire trails. Is it too big to re-learn? Is there a nice slick tire for street for the 24"?

Thanks for the help and advice.

Welcome Tiki Pirate!

There are a surprising number of members here who, like you and I, rode a lot years ago and have found their way back to the uni. I don’t have a lot to add to your uni decision, but I will say that a great tire for all around riding on paved or well manicured dirt surfaces is the Maxxis Hookworm. Looking forward to reading the info others have to add…


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I don’t think it matters what size you get if you want to re-learn. The two unis you mentioned would both be good, two pricier ones you might consider would be the Kris Holm 24" or 29" MUnis. But if you want to do anything other than commuting and MUni, 20" tires are really the way to go. But heck, you can always buy more unis! :slight_smile:

Your friends were less than 2 feet tall? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, i was pretty young. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW - I’m about 215 lbs, 5’ 11", with a 32" inseam.

I like the KH unis; but, don’t really want to plunk down the cash until later. The Nimbi look like pretty good quality for the price. I figure I’ll have plenty of time to buy others later. (I like the brake mounts on the Nimbus for future upgrades)

I’m really looking for an all-rounder as I have no aspiration to do mega drops, or 100 miles. I’d error more on the side of 100 miles; but, I have done some pretty crazy stuff on a mountain bike… so I’m not above having fun.

However, I don’t feel like blowing my knees out on a 6 foot drop anytime soon. I really like the nimbus 29" round crown; but, think it would just be too big for me to relearn and too big for my “fun side”. I want to bash around some; but, have visions of doing longer more epic off road rides.

I do love the orange 24" nimbus… but… the black 24" or 26" MUNI’s are really nice too.

Also, Zogola thanks for the recommendation on the tire.

There are loads of riders in the SF Bay Area… check out this thread for our mailing lists / web portals and drop us a message. I’m sure someone could loan you a learner uni or a spare tire if you need.

Once you’re up and rolling, you should join us for some rides, too!

Good luck!

If you have ridden before getting a 26 should be no problem.

I love my 26

If I was going to have a 26" tire for just cruising around and fooling around I would also get a hookworm. I have one on my cargo bike and love it.

Cool, well it didn’t take much coaxing. I just bit the bullet and put in an order for a Numbus 26" Muni with KH cranks @ 150 mm.

Now I just need to find a log to fall off. :smiley:

Nice. I almost have the same setup as you, I just have shorter cranks than you as you as well as some additions. I’d say it’s probably a choice you wont soon regret.

Thanks for all the responses. It’s on the way and should be here before Christmas.

maestro8, once I get some skills back I’d be into hooking up with other local riders for rides/events, etc. I’ve ridden mountain bikes all over the west; but, here in the bay area I’ve only really ridden the east bay hills.

I can’t wait to begin falling off my new ride a few thousand times. :slight_smile:

Well, my new ride came via UPS today. It wasn’t long before I had it together and headed down the local schoolyard.

First attempt… I make it about 20 feet and fell off, then 50, then 100, etc…

I was able to ride about 200 meters, turn… had some OK control and was mainly concentrating on riding smoothly, trying to relax, and ride upright. I still have to hold onto something to start.

I managed to practice for about a hour and then my quads/legs just couldn’t take much more. I guess I am more out of shape than I thought. :smiley:

More practice… and more fun to come…

Here is a picture of my ride…

I didn’t notice they had the 26er in black. I’m telling my friend to jump on this right now. It looks so cool, and congrats on getting back into unicycling! Where do you live?

I would have suggested you get the double hole cranks, but I waited too long to check this thread. You could drill, tap and put in steel inserts yourself for the second shorter hole.

I’d suggest the 2.5" Hookworm. A bit more cussion for drops and a bit faster than the 2" (not much more speed, but enough to notice a difference)

There’s a good chance your sore legs is from too much pressure on the pedals and not enough on the seat. (A common newbie mistake)

Yep, I am pretty sure that is most of it. I had to raise the seat a few times during my practice session.

I was really working on trying to sit upright and pedal smoothly. I started out on a baseball infield (for the first 100 feet) and wet grass(after the infield ended). Soon after I moved to blacktop once I became confident that I wasn’t going to bail hard every time. In fact… I only really had one crash were I didn’t wind up just stepping off and grabbing the uni.

I only got out to ride once for about 100 feet today, as I was at work and my legs were still sore. I plan on riding much more tomorrow… rain or shine. :smiley:

I seem to be pretty good with the 150mm cranks for now. I am sure I will want to experiment some later; but, I am able to keep everything pretty smooth. Longer might be good for rougher terrain.

I’ve looked at the hookworm and it does look like a nice tire. I like all the air/cushion you get with the 2.5. vs a 2.1.

timekeeper - I live near Walnut Creek in the San Francisco bay area… I know lots of trails around here to ride and will be riding them soon. :smiley: I think the black looks good too. Someday I will add black cranks and spokes and I’ll be set.

Awesome uni! I love the black, keep up the good work!