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>Any suggestions about how to learn idling?

I consider myself a slow learner re riding unicycles. In learning new
skills I try to take it in smallish steps as opposed to go all-out -
it just feels more comfortable to me (but it may be a factor in the
slow learning mode). Judging from your post, you might be in the same

I approached idling in two ways. I did this partly simultaneously in
that after I had done method 1 for some time (several solid hours), I
started using method 2 too.

The first one was to practice idling while holding onto a wall-rack in
a gym. At first I needed a firm grip and gradually I could loosen
that. I am almost sure that this way of practicing, while comfortable
because you hardly fall off, is not a very quick way to learn because
you tend to depend on the rack which slows down learning the correct

The second way, OTOH, is recommended by many, i.e. while riding
forward, come to a brief stop, then continue riding forward. Develop
the brief stop into a half revolution backward, then continue forward.
Once you’ve that down, insert a back-forward-back into your forward
riding etc.

Halfway in the learning process which I started on my own 24", I
borrowed a 20". On the 20", the idling came quite quickly, and then I
could easily transfer the skill to my 24".

Klaas Bil

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