Re: My first real ride...

Yeah Carney, unicycling gets better all the time as your skills grow. If you like riding on rough ground, the Yuni is a good mid-range investment. No doubt that it’s worth upgrading! I own one too and have a lot of MUni fun with it.

Klaas Bil

(Reposted on the forum as the 2-way coupling with the Newsgroup is down.)

don’t you hate it when you click “new thread” instead of “post reply?” I think Those buttons should be on opposite sides of the screen. :smiley:

I replied to a post on Usenet but on the forum I had to create a new thread for it. As you may know the usual coupling between the forum and the newsgroup is down. Now that we’re on it: that’s what I hate!

Klaas Bil