Re: My first MUni trail ride

Well Dennis, Very nicly put, it is fun, isn’t it. Your experience is very
similar to mine. I would say that the longer cranks do help a lot with the roots
and unseen bits. Just having a more leverage helps.

One thing that I noted with cut down mountain bike cranks is that are generally
too wide at the pedals. I am looking at getting some carbon fibre cranks made
that will be of a lower profile. I am obviously going design them to fit in with
my carbon fibre uni frame - but I will look to make them universal.

Your comment about not seeing roots etc. Some mountain bikers also have this
problem and to practice this we have been doing night rides, where you have to
ride more on your reactions. This where I met Jez Western. Loonies together.

I am not very good at riding down very steep hills on my uni and I was
interested in philippe’s comments in how Thierry goes down steep hills.

My highest mountain was Mammoth Mountain several years ago when I wrode the
Kamakasi run on my old Pashley. That is only 10,000 feet (I think).

Cheers Rgr Cleveland UK

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|> try turning it around. you may be unscrewing the crank by accient. try it and
|> let me us know. I hav a similar proble with my Myata!

Actually the crank doesn’t screw on. Peddling backwards lots or having your seat
on backwards may unscrew your pedals though.