Re: My completely completed muni (powder coating + clamp), and the bike

andrew_carter wrote:
> Today I picked up my frame from being powder coated.

Hi Andrew,

You frame looks really nice! If I had a choice of color I think I would
also choose a deep yellow as you have. As I recall you already had some
issues with the frame’s fork being longer on one side than the other and
that you had shimmed the bearing holder to correct for this. Why is it
now rubbing against the fork after a powder coating? Or have I
misunderstood you?



I told Ian about the difference in fork leg lengths when I put it in to have it crimped. As well as crimping it, he lengthened one leg (which looks really neat now with the paint on…you can’t see the spot where he added a little bit). The wheel was still just a little bit off. This wouldn’t be a problem on a normal frame but mine has not much clearance at all. There was about 1-2mm on the left and 3-4mm on the right (that’s just a rough guess). Instead of shimming it again, I just tightened the right-hand spokes and shifted the whole rim over to the middle. It’s pretty even now but evey now and then when I’m pushing hard on the back pedal (ie. going down steep things slowly) the tyre rubs a tiny bit on the frame. I’m no longer worried about it though because there’s not much I can do. I remember Ian telling me I could have it crimped some more if need be but I forgot and went ahead with the powder coating. Now I can’t have it crimped (it apparently wrecks the paint job). I’m a bit worried about little stones getting caught in the tyre and chipping away at the paint when they hit the frame. As I said though, I’m not too worried because it only cost $44 for the powder coating and it looks great :).