Re: Mikefule's ratio & seat comfort [was Re: 56 inch big wheel with 4.5 inch cranks!?]

>Ken Fuchs wrote:
>> I’d guess that 3 to 3.5
>> inch cranks would require nearly the full weight of the rider to
>> approach 20 mph on a level course.

I’m only guessing that this would be true. Even if its not, riding a
56" wheel with 3" cranks (Mikefule’s ratio of 3/28 = .107) would be
quite a challenge.

Klaas Bil <> wrote:

>Wow Ken what a machine! Now I can fully appreciate your point made in
>another thread about crank length influencing seat comfort - it isn’t
>hypothetical at all!

Thanks Klaas!

Please note that crank length only indirectly affects seat comfort. It
is Mikefule’s ratio of crank length / wheel radius that does directly
affects seat comfort. The lower this ratio, the greater the effect on
seat comfort due to less weight on the seat.

I’ll guess that seat comfort due to crank/wheel ratios greater than 1/3
(standard Coker - 150mm cranks) would be moderate to insignificant.
Whereas ratios less than 1/3 would have moderate to extreme positive
effects on seat comfort. So the point is effectively hypothetical for
small wheels.


Ken Fuchs <>