RE: Long distance riding

We (some guys and me) also plan a unicycling tour at whitsun. We want to ride
within about one week from Salzburg (Austria) to Bozen (Italy) via Gro"sglockner
and some other passes in the Alps. We plan to do 50 to 70km (about 30 to 45
miles) per day, depending on the gradient, the weather and of course our
physical condition. None of us has ever done anything that can be compared to
this tour, so we have to see what it will be.

We will use ‘normal’ unicycles (no giraffes) with a wheel diameter of 26’’ or
28’’. And we will carry cranks of different lenght with us to swap before long
ways steep hill - this is the primitive way of a gearing. We try to find someone
to join us by car (my girlfriend already aplied for this job) but nevertheless
we will have to carry some luggage with us in a rucksack, e.g. clothes for bad
weather, some food, emergency tools for repairing punctures, broken spokes and
other harmless breakdowns, perhaps a camera and so on, as the car won’t be with
us all the day.

We will write letters to two German TV-channels speciallized on sports (DSF and
Eurosport). Perhaps they are interested in sending some scenes.

We will try to find sponsors. So if anyone reads this who is interested in
sponsoring such a tour then let me know. We may wear T-shirts with
labellings, we can put stickers to our unis or you can use photos and
descriptions from the tour. Of course we can mention your name, firm or
whatever it is in press releases.

Perhaps there are some more people interested in joining us. We don’t want to
have too many people with us to be able to look for food and accomodation
spontaneously wherever we need to and not to loose any kind of flexibility. So
we decided that our group should be less than 10 people. But up to now we are
only four, so some more participants may join. We don’t have any woman yet
(except of my girlfrind perhaps driving by car, but no one riding a uni)!
What’s up girls?

For further information feel free to contact me.

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