Re: Level 4 360 degree turn - what can I get away with?

On Fri, 17 Oct 2003 00:22:00 GMT, Jules <> wrote:

>What do I have to do to ‘pass’ the 360 degree turn? If I can do a 360
>turn by going pedal-stop-pedal (i.e. two 180 degree turns in quick
>succession), is that cheating? Does it have to be one smooth pedal all
>the way around?

You are allowed a circle with a diameter of 1 metre to do your 360 in,
so you can make more than one (smooth or not) pedal. It is not allowed
to go backwards, just forward, otherwise you could idle and turn
gradually. I’m not sure if stopping is allowed but as long as you
maintain some forward speed between your two 180 turns you should be

The circumference of the max allowed turning circle of 1 m is such
that with a 1 m (39") diameter wheel you need one full revolution
(i.e. 2 pedal strokes) to ride it. There’s logic… So with a 20"
wheel you have almost 4 pedal strokes!

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That sounds a little easier than I tought it would be. My guess on the diameter was a absolut maximum of 25" or something like that. I can just do it with the radius of 25" (again, just a guess).

I can’t do that, I just learned to 180 around. I’ll have to practice that.