(Re)Learning the Uni skill

Something just popped into my head the other day and said “you should get on a unicycle again.” I think it had something to do with the LeRun rider I saw recently, but that’s another thing entirely. At any rate, I was wondering what bad habits I should look to squash as soon as I try riding again. Having taken a few P.E. class periods way back in highschool to learn to ride (atleast across the gym) and just having read a few hundred pages of how-to’s, list archives and general advice, I realize that those few classes probably insilled quite a few bad habits. Like “Don’t hold onto the seat front while you ride. It isn’t meant for that.” Suggestions on things to look for?

On another note, I’m a 5’5", 125lb guy. Do you think I can get away with riding a 24, as opposed to a 20? I’m not terribly interested in MUniing (or leaping flights of stairs, etc.), just looking for a decent unicycle to learn on and ride to and from college classes, town, etc. I’d like to ride a 24 for the slightly faster distance travel, but I’m not sure that I can fit it. Thoughts? On a college budget, those Torker 24’s look tempting…


if u get a 24" torker, get the dx or the lx. they are the strongest. as for u being able to fit on one, i have no doubt that u can

Re: (Re)Learning the Uni skill

I’m just one inch taller than you (5’6") This past July I bought the Torker LX 24 off eBay and learned to ride it with no experience at all.

So I’m sure you’ll have no trouble, since you body already learned the sport once.

Of course you will fit a 24" or 26" but get the 24". You will be glad you did, and not only for the extra speed, but also for the way they take bumps.

Tip of the day: Sit on the seat!!! The majority of your weight is on the seat and not on your legs.

Anytime you start to wonder “Should my weight be on the seat” the answer is yes (unless your hopping)

Good luck and welcome back to the uni!

Re: (Re)Learning the Uni skill

On Wed, 13 Oct 2004 00:42:16 -0500, “Viverr” wrote:

>On another note, I’m a 5’5", 125lb guy. Do you think I can get away
>with riding a 24, as opposed to a 20?

(Average sized) kids from the age of about 12 can get on well with a
24" wheel. Younger is possible but not generally recommended as a
first unicycle. A 9-y.o. boy (Brad) has ridden a Coker (which has a
36" wheel) and he was not exceptionally long - but a quite good rider
he was and still is.

Since you mention riding to classes and town, i.e. medium distance,
the 24" will definitely suit you better than a 20".

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