Re: Issaquah Highlands Campground (was Who knows about UNICON)

Our family is also staying at Issaquah Highlands. When I called
and made reservations, the price was $18/night for a tent site or $23/night
for an RV site (i.e., access to electricity and water). Up to ten people,
two tents, and two vehicles can stay at a site. The guy I talked with
assigned us a site (#70) that is close to “the other unicyclists,” which I
assume means Gilby and the other TCUC people.
We’ll be driving from Oregon in our (old) 8-passenger
Suburban. Only five of us are going this year, so we’ll have a few extra
seats. Anytime we have room people are welcome to ride with us, but you
couldn’t count on us always going where you want to go when you want to go
there. Your life would definitely be easier if you rent a car.


FYI, Gilby wrote, in a 3/18/02 email (Where are you staying at

“These campgrounds are close to racing events as well as by many
of the hotels that many are staying at. They have a large swimming pool, a
clubhouse that they claim holds 150 people with a game room, dance floor,
fireplace, and kitchen.”

At 08:19 PM 6/12/02 -0500, billnye wrote:

>some questions for those of us on the fence about this whole dealie-o
>1) what type of vehicle, and is anyone else planning on camping there
>who also has transportation?
>2) i’m sure we could call for ourselves, but what’s the details on that
>campsite… is it roll-in and stake-out like a state park, or does that
>need to figured into our financial planning? [and if so, at what
>umm… help me out here folks, hehe.
>there are a couple of us from florida kicking this around, but i know
>for me at least that it’s a bit short notice planning-wise, and i don’t
>know how adventurous i’m feeling.
>oh, and somewhat unrelated but
>3) what sort of weather should we expect, for those of you semi-natives
>out there? wet? dry? what temp? how large a range from afternoon to
>evening? etc.
>that’s all for now, carry on
>John M
>billnye - Junior Mint

Scott, Jody, Vjera, Luke, Hope, Thad, and Simon Arnold:
The local unicycling family in Springfield, Oregon.

thanks for all your info. it’s much appreciated, and definitely helps to ease my “will it all even work out” fears a bit.

we’ll see whether the other pieces can fit together to any reasonably comforting extent, given the limited time frame involved.

John M