Re-Invent The Wheel

This is my new uni movie, enjoy. please leave comments.
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Everytime I watch your videos a you get a little better. I really think your at that point where you could use a 20". You should have built that boxโ€ฆtisk tisk tisk. You could be learning grinds.

Overall decent viddy. How long you been riding again?

Well I liked it because youโ€™ve improved, but I think it was a tad long :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe Try and edit out the parts of the clips where youโ€™re not actually doing anything? (ie the start of a run up, or when youโ€™re just about to do a run up and arenโ€™t on screen).

yea. I have been riding for like 3 1/2 months now. thanks. what do you mean about the box? and jamessd ill work on the edditing. thanks.

I could have sworn I talked to you about building a box. You were saying something about not having anything to ride were you live and I suggested a box so you can learn grinds and a few other tricks.

oh yea! i have some boxes but not any good ones right now. i will work on that. so you think i could use a 20?

lol thats what you said a month ago. Any way, pretty neat vid. youโ€™ve gotten better from the last one.