RE Idaho California Mountain Unicycle Weekend

I did do a poor job of saving the pictures. Judy, my wife, is a graphic artist
and she was kind enough to point out my mistake also. But, AOL does not permit
me to send more than one picture unless it is compressed by their program. I am
not able to find a way around this, except that maybe I can combine all the
pictures into one huge one and send it as a properly saved jpg. Recipients could
scroll around on a huge page.

I am leaning toward the late August date, the last weekend before Labor Day, as
it seems the only option. Perhaps there will be another oppertunity to have the
meet here when the flowers are in bloom. Late August has a better chance of dry
weather. I agree that a rest is needed between the NUC and the Muni Weekend. I
am still welcoming input and plan to keep asking until after after Christmas,
when people will have more time.

I am interested in learning how high most trials riders can jump. I would like
to somehow design a course that manages to challenge all levels. I thought the
trials course in Santa Cruz did that quite well, but unfortunatly I do not have
such a great park to start with. I would like to know how high people can jump,
and how far. Can most trials riders jump two feet and land on a curb and stay on
it? Can they jump up one foot and land on a six inch beam and stay on? What
about a “ladder” flat on the ground with an increasing distance between the
steps? What about zigzagging wooden curbs? What about safety?

Idaho Joe

Re: RE Idaho California Mountain Unicycle Weekend

On Thu, 21 Dec 2000, Unicycle17 wrote:
>I did do a poor job of saving the pictures. J

Joe, I’d be interested in seeing the pictures too, but it appears that the
newsgroup posting removes the attachments those on the mailing list get. Can you
put the pictures on a website somewhere or email them to me off the list?

Thanks, Greg (