Re: Giraffe mounting

John Foss wrote:
> For you it will be easier. Check out this link! http://spectrum.Mathematik.HU-
> -Berlin.DE/~stroess/photos/photos_gb.html#aufstieg
> After you’ve waited the half hour or so for the page to load, you can go down
> and click on the picture of Wolfgand freemounting the giraffe to see it
> bigger. To go directly to the big picture (and miss all the others), go to
> http://spectrum.Mathematik.HU-Berlin.DE/~stroess/pictures/giraffe_mount.gif

Sorry for the inconvenience. But as you may have recognized, there’s a big area
of water called ocean in between your place and mine. So the data has to make
its way under pretty hard conditions. I don’t know of any way to set up a photo
page without posting some pictures. And pictures allways take some data.

The other way round the data flow is not much faster. When looking at one of
your photo pages there may be a good time for using the restroom, getting a cup
of coffee or practicing some unicycling skills as well.

On the other hand you could direct <> (whatever her real
name is) to the giraffe mounting page of the unicycling page
( There the same picture is
included and it’s located in the USA

BTW, it was hard work and took quite a long time until being able to freemount
giraffe unicycles, especially very large ones. So it’s fair enough for anyone
who wants to see how it is done to spend a fraction of that time waiting for the
pictures :slight_smile:

Best regards, Wolfgang (ending with a “g”, not a “d”)

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