RE: Digital Cameras (OT) (was Re: The Malvern Hills... Done it!!!

> For an idea of image size, a 2 megapixel image from my camera
> measures 1600 x 1200 pixels and will print at about 22" x 16"
> with a resolution of 72 pixels/inch.

All great advice, but you got a little weird here. If you print a digital
image at 72 pixels/inch or 72dpi, won’t it look terrible? You need at least
150dpi to look decent, and 300 to look really nice (depending on type of
printer, paper, etc.) 72 would look really rough.

That said, photographic prints (such as what I order from from a
1600 x 1200 image will make awesome 8 x 10s, and probably fine 11 x 14s as
well. I used to make 8 x 10 prints from my old Olympus (1280 x 960), but
that was as big as you could go and not see the pixels.

So far from my new camera (4.13 megapixel: 2240 x 1680) I’ve ordered one 16
x 20 print that came out beautiful, but have yet to try a 20 x 30, which I
think will also work. Most people don’t need that much resolution, which is
fine, because it requires a lot more storage space. I like to take a lot of
big pictures, so one of my main requirements for a camera was that it was
rated to work with an IBM Microdrive.

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