Re: Cyclist Clothing Storage (Belts, Backpacks, Spell Component

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> What kinds of clothing and/or other storage are made, if any, for
> cyclists to take personal belongings with them?
> It made me think about how I should carry things with me. Do they make
> tiny cages that go under a seat for storing keys and stuff? Or cell
> phones? What kinds of gear do you take with you? I’d love to have a
> watch when riding but the Harbinger wrist guard makes that uncomfortable
> to do.

Check your local bike shop. There are many bags designed to go under a
bicycle seat, some quite small. I think I’ve seen some that attach to the
post, rather than the seat, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that
meets your needs.

Also, they’re pretty easy to find on-line as well. For example: