re-considering my option of uni whats your view?

hey everbody

i have been thinking for a while about what trials uni is right for me. my first uni was a learner uni that i had moderated to use for trials, it is now starting to die and weaken in certain places.

the last month i have been trying to get some money together to purchase a brand new trials unicycle, i am still curious on which one would be the best to buy.

my options are as follows:
(i only have £200 to spend, no more)
nimbus trials 2005 model (£135)- looks okish for the price, means that i can get some new stuff to fix my original uni

onza trials unicycle (£180)- looks very good for the price

qu-ax splined unicycle (£175)- also looks very strong and gd for the price.

so there you go please reply and help me decide what option is right to take.

thanks very much


That should help you a little bit, id go with the qu-ax


Which Onza? I would go with Onza if you can it is definnitely the strongetst of your choices. You could buy it and grow old with it if you wanted. The Nimbus isn’t splined so its really in a different category all together. Then for splined there are a few options. Torker DX and Qu-ax on the lower end, profile, KH, and Onza on the upper end. The KH and Onza’s have the same wheelset for the 05 mode (cept for rim)l and I think the only other difference is frame and maybe seat.

Definitely go with the Onza, but if money is an issue go Qu-ax.

But then again if you don’t plan on ever doing anything very big, why waste the money? Take the Nimbus.

So what is it you plan on doing?


I’d suggest the quacks, it’s the best for that price, in my not so humble opinion.

cheers for the replys im going for the onza due to the splined hub and i am hoping that it will last me some time.

thanks again


UDC are selling off the old onzas for £180 because they have a problem with their hubs - the cranks keep on coming loose. Onza have brought out a new version of this uni with a new hub (onza/KH), which doesn’t have the same problems. They are something like £210. Hence the cheaper price of the old ones being sold off.

I myself got the QU-AX a few months ago - and it’s great! Had to cut down the seatpost (cos I’m short) but that really is all that i have had to do. Hasn’t weakened or broken at all, and i do 3ft drops on it every day. A great choice!

Hope this helps and its not too late,


ps: don’t worry if it is too late - you’ll just have to tighten the cranks yourself regularly.

FYI it’s not the cranks that come loose, it’s actually where the axle keyways in to the hub that loosens, but by no means on all of them and it can be fixed very esily with a little locktite.


I’ve got the Onza 20 & 24 and after 3 trips down snowdon, as dave said, my 24’s keyway came loose. I thought the central axle was shearing from the spoke barrel, so I was convinced I’d need a new hub. But after asking Roger about it, he said taking it apart & locktiting the keyway fixed it.

Basically you take both cranks off, use a soft headed mallet to tap out the axle, clean it all up & lock it all together. Since then its been perfect, no movement of any kind. Basically it was because I didn’t maintain the hub properly, and dirt got into it & loosened the joint.

My 20 has been perfect, and that gets much more abuse, crank grabs and 3ft drops. I’d get onzas again, even without the new hubset.


its not too late i will order next week, and is the saddle on the qu-ax any good as it doesnt have a handle, it also doesnt look to compfy. is there an alternative?

o no sorry i take it back the qu ax does have a handle , but it still doesnt look as compfy as the normal kris holm seats. do you think if i asked to have the original qu ax saddle replaced with the kris holm saddle they would give me a discount instead of buying them both?