Re: Can anyone help me ID this uni?

I 've almost finished upgrading the uni I found in the trash.
(please excuse the low-res… bargain basement digi-cam)
Only got one response to my ID help request. Thanks, Sal!

Maybe it’s a United; maybe a Savage… Any ideas?

Next (after I replace the broken seatpost clamp) is an air-conversion job on the saddle.

the frame looks the same as one that my freind bought. diffrent sadle and cranks but i think it’s an avenger. didn’t hold up for him though. he did a lot of mountain riding and the whole thing was always giving him problems. but sounds like the price was right on it. have fun.

Can anyone help me ID this uni?

OK. Since by now everyone is probably back from Washington, I’m going to try one more time to get an answer…

I don’t care about “value”… I just want to know who made it…

Does anybody know…??? Hooomaydit?

Or care?


Re: Can anyone help me ID this uni?

It’s your typical tiawanese unicycle with lolipop bearing holders. It is sold under many names depending on who the distributer of it is.

OK. Thanks, Gilby!

That’s Alexander (as in “Gudinov”)!:smiley:

If you want we can have a naming contest and make up names for what brand unicycle it is.


… Wha…? Huh?.. What the…?? Who? …

Uh, sorry about that! My keyboard was possessed by a little turd demon named Itsfritz for a second there.;):wink:

Well, it’s not really that important anymore, I was just curious if anybody knew, because I found it in Japan but it’s obviously not a Miyata.

So, AccordNSX, if you want to start a naming contest, cool. I’ll be happy to provide the prize for the winner!:wink:

I submitt: Q-Tip.


Don’t you want to know what the prize is first?

I think he was submitting a Q-Tip as the prize. However, be warned that these are not Q-tips, but actually generic cotton tips. So what’s the prize going to be?