Re building my dx24 bearing dilemma..

I have a torker dx24 and I need new bearings for it. It was a learning uni and took a beating. They say it’s a 6203-2rs on the bearing I looked them up and its an average 40mm bearing. Then i took measurements. The website says 6203-2rs bearings are 40x17x12mm. I measured the bearings I had was 40mm o.d, tho the I.d was 20mm! The closest bearing I could find that was 40x20x12 wasn’t even sold in the states. Were can I get new bearings that fit? have them in stock.
Postage and US import duties will apply

If the shipping costs are prohibitive, search the bearing number on Ebay, or ask at your local automotive or industrial bearing suppliers.
I found these in less than 2-seconds

I found an archived post from here way back in 2004 talking about 40mmx20mm bearings.

Looks like you might have to use a 37mmx20mm with shims.

Maybe find someone with a lathe to cut some aluminum 40x37mm rings and press the bearing into the ring and the assembly on the hub.

I’d be interested to know how you solve the problem and how well it works as I have a torker as well.


Does your DX have pressed bearing holders? If so, I would use the 6104-2rs that was mentioned in the old link. I have used 42mm bearings on a couple of frames with pressed holders, and no problems.

If you have machined holders the 37mm bearing would be easy to shim with 40x1.5mm tubing.

I thought you needed the 17mm ID bearings,

To find out if the 42mm OD’s will fit, drop an ISIS bearing into the frame, or shim up your 40mm parts with a 1mm strip of thick cardboard, or soft metal (eg Aluminium)

Other way round. You can fit a 40mm bearing in a 42mm bearing cup (with a shim), but not a 42 in a 40.

Besides that, the standard 42mm bearings have a 22mm ID. You really don’t want to attempt to shim the inside of a bearing. The 40mm bearings are definitely sold in the states. These do have an inside diameter of 17mm though.

For now, I would carefully repack them and look into those 37mm bearings. If costs start to add up and you’re really dead set on replacing them, you may want to consider a new hub.

Who knows, maybe you can message a torker dealer and get some spares. It’s worth a shot.

It’s curious that you say you don’t want to shim the inside of a bearing. there are plenty of hubs that I have worked on that use sleeves on the spindle to fit bearings.

Even UDC says on their hub pages that ISIS hubs with 42mm bearings will work on pressed bearing holders.

From Nimbus ISIS Hub description,

“Note: this hub will not fit in frames with machined bearing housings designed for 40mm bearings. It requires either pressed bearing housings or frames machined to take these larger bearings.”

I’m sure it could work, but I would be weary of introducing too much play, especially if you have a sleeve on the spindle, then a shim on the outside of the bearing. I have never seen such a sleeve on a hub before.

You can used pressed bearing holders because they bend. They are not ideal in the long run. What some may find an acceptable fit, others may not. If that’s the only option though, it’s better to ride than to not. : P

Forged, machined bearing holders are very nice. In truth I don’t think pressed holders are any less good with larger bearings. In fact, I’m currently running a frame with pressed holders, and 40mm bearings with shims to 42mm because it feels less sloppy when I ride it.

With BMX Mid BB Bearings you wouldn’t need a shim on the outside too. Just one on the inside to bring the diameter up to 22mm (the outside is 41mm). My KH/Onza hub has sleeves on the spindle that the bearings sit on. I believe the K1 hubs also have a sleeve. If you are really worried about it moving around you could use the version of loctite made for securing sleeves, and bushings.

42 x 20 x 12mm bearings are easily available.

And the 42mm diameter bearings fit snugly into my pressed steel frame with 40mm housings.
Apparently 42mm will not fit into the machined housings - by there should be enough slack in the pressed steel housings to take the additional 2mm.
I have tried it on a cheap Chinese frame - just in case I needed to mix"n"match.

As an engineer, this makes my heart hurt a bit. I like it to fit. : (

The 40mm o/d contacts on two parts of the i/d in the bearing cup.
Top and bottom = 4 points of contact per bearing.

The 42mm bearing also fits with two points of contact top, and 2x bottom.
The only difference is that the contact points are slightly further apart.

It definitely fits with a cheap frame, and I am sure I tried it with the UDC pressed steel club frame.
I am not sure what type of frame the Torker uses.

If you can wait till 7/14 I’m going to my vacation home where I have a few new sets.


Thanks for all the replies. Gave me a lot to look at. What I found tho is that I will either need to rebuild the bearing that came from the back side of a black hole, or replace the hub and bearing to a proper standard size. So I’m just going to cannibalize it with another torker. And build my own 26er. I’m a welder and can build my own frame. Eventually I want to gear it. Or add a s3x hub. I’ve seen a few threads of people that made it work. Sounds like a fun project.
Am I just unfortunate with my dx24? Can anyone else with one measure there bearings please. Mine is labeled 6203-2rs. And every listing I can find reads 40.17.12. tho my physical measurements are clearly 40.20.12!