Re: Bridleways

On Sat, 09 Dec 1995 Sandy Fleming wrote:

> > include tricycles, quadracycles (?) etc. The laws explicitly specify that a
> > cycle is a device featuring ‘two or more wheels’.
> So you could use a three-wheeled giraffe, presumably!
> Personally, I’ve always found the British police very easy-going with members
> of the public (no doubt many Druids would disagree). Only last week the
> burglar alarm went off at a local factory where I was unicycling under the
> motion detectors in the carpark at night to take advantage of the security
> floodlights. I was the only person around, but the policewoman who questioned
> me just said she’d find out how the alarm worked and let me know!
> If you really feel the need to be completely within the law, why not attach a
> small wheel under the seat or somewhere, thus making it into a 'device
> featuring two or more wheels’? But personally, I think this would draw
> attention to illegality of what you’re doing. It’s a clever idea, and probably
> stupid, too.
> Of course, if you’re actually getting hassled by the police, you could always
> try it as a last resort.

I agree that the problem is not getting hassel from the police, but it is that
we are banned from riding in any Polaris races until it is sorted out. Their
insurance will not cover us if they feal we are not legally allowed on
bridleways. From my own experience with MTB’s the other problem will be the
wrangles you end up in with the Ramblers.

Thanks for you help, I will be posting the legal references etc. when I get the
disk from Duncan, which should be soon.

Rgr Cleveland UK