Re: Anyone had any experience with the Schwinn 24-inch Offroad form unicycle....

I had one of the much older schwins. Not offroad, but basiclay the same
design and whatnot, just a different wheel. My comment on it, truly one of
the most amazing uncycles made for riding. The frame is flexible, and acts
kind of like a suspension on a mountain bike. Very smooth riding, much less
saddle soreness. Difficult to get used to the extra flex, but once you do
its worth it.

The downside. Anytime the tire is not moving or in the air, the flex works
very much agianst you. Something like doing trials on an ultimate wheel.
Even pressure on the pedals is twice as importaint as with a stiff frame.
When you land it can shoot you off. When you bend down to jump, it is very
noticable. Also, it is much harder to idle, or really do do most freestyle
It is also very heavy.

The wheel should be stronger then most because it uses a wider hub then
usual. The hub however, is not as strong, so you may bend the hub, and they
cost more to replace.

I would worry about a wide tire in the schwin frame also. I noticed while
doing extreem stuff on my schwin, with the small tire, that the flex tended
to bring the tire dramaticaly close to rubbing the frame. With a wider tire,
i’d imagine one might actualy cause the tire to make contact.

Basicaly I’d say, if you are planing on riding for distance through the
forist, with the occasional rocky slope or rooty section, defenitly go for
it. If you are planing on droping off of small clifs, going at high speed
through sharp turns or steep decents, or doing any tirals on it whatsoever,
I’d look at something else.

trevor andersen

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> Recently i’ve been looking at this Uni at and have been
> considering buying it but would hate to buy it without first getting
> some input or opinions. First: Is it a good value? By that I mean if I
> take it to some serious trails will it fall apart with in a month? is it
> a good quality? i.e. rim, frame, cranks, etc. Second, has anyone else
> ridden it who thought it was a good uni for all around off road or is it
> just good for down-hill riding? Any other comments or opinions would be
> great.
> -Jon Davis
> p.s. I forgot to search the forums for previous questions like this but
> since this is quite a specific one i figured it wouldn’t bother any one

Yea I remember when I could put my Schwinn throught the paces, It was such a blast.
Don’t remember flex being a problem tho, I rode it every day and everywhere back in the day. Funny thing, I still have it and it’s completely restored. And I’m willing to part with it. Pics of it are in my photo album.