Re: 25km time trials and marathons [Was Re: Coker 15 mile and 25km time trials - 15.14 MPH average (Frank Bonsch) wrote:

>I finished second after Christian in the Duesseldorf Marathon with
>1:48:20 (avg 23.37 km/h = 14.52mls/hr). Yesterday I rode 25.16km
>(15.64 mls) in a 1hr time trial on my geared up 28". So imagine what
>Christian can do in one hour :wink:

Congratulations Frank! 25.16 km in one hour is fantastic!

Frank’s marathon time on his geared up 28" is excellent as well!
Maintaining 23.37 km/h for about 1 4/5 hour must have been really hard!

>What is the best ‘official’ time for the 42.195km marathon? On
> there is
>an incredible 1:40:52 listed for a 24" unicycle. Does anybody know
>about the race or the rider (Shigeno Hiroki) or does anybody know
>about a better time?

That is a 25.10 km/h average speed over 1:40:52 and 42.195km on a 24"!
There are no limitations on crank length for this marathon. I’ll guess
that the cranks used were 3.5 inches (89mm) or smaller.


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