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Wolfgang wrote:
>Oh yes, you can. Just get a good answer ready in advance. My normal saying when
>being asked this question is something like “no, in Berlin!” resp. "no, in the
>woods!" or where ever I am. Most times this works great.

Here are some others:

  • No, I’m in curable
  • No, I’m in the government
  • No, I’m in your way
  • Yes, watch out for the elephants!

This is one I’ve used in the past, but it’s not as polite:

  • No, are you? (because the person asking is nor more circusy than me)

>Just the same situation the other way round. Quite a common question is "Ist
>das schwer?" which means “Is this difficult?”. Of course you know this one too.
>The German translation of “difficult” and “heavy” is the same word, “schwer”.
>So I normally answer “no, only 4kg!”.

That’s great, I’ll have to remember it for Bottrop this summer!

In America, I often get asked the same question, but usually it’s: “Is that
hard?” There are many ways you can go with that, like

  • Not as hard as the ground
  • Actually it could use a little more air
  • No because I don’t have to shift gears and use brakes!
  • None of your business!

>Denouement: your answer should be even more foolish than the question was.

A good rule to avoid offending people.


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