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I wrote:
> > Anything we can do to separate ourselves from the circus stigma is good for
> > our sport. I have nothing against circus, and have made my living in that
> > field, but
> > circus stigma keeps people from thinking of unicycles as a piece of sports
> > or recreation equipment.

Marlon Solar wrote: “Sports schmortz! It’s just lots o fun! If it’s any
consolation, I ride with a motorycle jacket, bicycle helmet, work boots
and a messenger bag. Not too clown like,…'cept for the rainbow

Definitely you don’t have to be interested in the sports aspect to enjoy
unicycling, have lots o fun and reap the many benefits of this activity.

Hopefully this doesn’t happen to Marlon, but it does to me: No matter what I’m
wearing, what kind of one wheeler I’m riding, and what kind of attitude I seem
to be projecting, I still get asked if I’m in the circus. How about being
sweaty, with muddy shoes and legs, kneepads, a Camelbak, a helmet and a unicycle
covered with mud. AND, you’re on a dirt trail, miles from the nearest road? You
still get asked if you’re in the circus… You can’t win.

John Foss

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