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Roger Davies wrote:
>I used to have a CB400n and drove it for some 7 years and a lot of the time it
>would have my 26" Pashley strapped to the back. I used to just strap it across
>the back seat using bungy straps to the rack that I had fitted. I would only
>use 2 and would almost throw it on, it never came off; although it used to
>stick out on both sides was never a problem.

I remember the first time the legendary Floyd Crandall came to visit us at the
Redford Club back in 1980 or 81. Floyd’s father had started the first
Detroit-area unicycle club, the Pontiac Unicyclists, in the late 60’s. He then
hosted some of the early USA national meets. Floyd won the lion’s share of
racing and artistic awards of the 1970’s era. He was also known as a helpful
person and good general role model for other riders. He was for me.

Anyway, he came riding down to one of our practices on a motorcycle with his
beat up old Schwinn bungied (couldn’t find that word in my dictionary) to the
seat, simply lying on it’s side across the back seat. This seems like a very
simple way of doing it, and looks cool.

There was something odd about the concept of carrying a unicycle on a
motorcycle. I often comment that the ubiquitous unicycle in the back of my car
is a “spare”. People strap motorcycles to the back of motorhomes for similar
reasons. I can just see a motorhome with a motorcycle on the back, and a
unicycle already strapped to the back of the motorcycle . . .

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