Re[2]: I can unicycle. (just)

Damion thanks for the congratulation; about my amazing ip address, I’m
afraid it’s a bit more mundane than M15. I’m just a humble IT
communications engineer working for the UK Meteorological Office (hence
meto.) at HQ Bracknell, no terminating with extreme prejudice, just
terminating with Cannon D Connectors. :wink:

 regards Trev

 PS I take your point about consistency, last workshop night I was probably
    more consistent at about the 20-30 yard mark, 40 was just my personal
    best, still I'm going to keep trying.


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i:: T W Pearce-Jones. Internet.[/i] :Bracknell. Berkshire. UK.[/i]

i:Thats a KEWL story but what I’m most interested in is your ip address!![/i]
i:What are you? A member of MI5 ? This looks amazing.[/i]

i:To rate yourself as a learner you have to give details of how consistantly you[/i]
i:can do around 40 yards if it was a one off fluke then you have loads of work[/i]
i:ahead, as I did when I started (VERY young) if you often get to about 20-35[/i]
i:yards when you ride you are probably only weeks off learning to fully control[/i]
i:yourself and are only limited by the space you are learning in![/i]

i:Damion Yates - Sheffield Uni, UK. :[/i]