Re[2]: cranks and axles - problems

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Chris (and others) wrote:
>None of the holes in the new cranks are big enough to properly fit the hub of
>my current 24" OR the spare hub that I bought. As I don’t want the same problem
>that I had the first time round is there a way of enlarging the square, tapered
>holes in the cranks so that they will fit properly? By the way, file two
>ADJACENT sides. Just decide if you want your crank a bit (itty bitty bit)
>longer or shorter, and do them both the same.

We seem to be experiencing a rash of axles and cranks that don’t fit together.
I’ve never heard of this before. It’s possible that the manufacturer in Taiwan
has made a batch of hubs with spindles that are too large. Or perhaps there is a
new size for crank arms, which I doubt.

In case everybody didn’t know, when installing cotterless cranks for a unicycle,
you shoulc pound them on with a hammer before, and between, turns with a wrench
on the bolt. Don’t rely on the bolt to push the crank all the way down. This is
best done with a hard rubber mallet, and the wheel on it’s side with the pedals
off. Pound it real good.

I don’t own a rubber mallet, so I use a regular hammer and pound it carefully,
but still good & hard.

As I am currently using a 6" aluminum crank on my 26" “piece of Schwinn”, I’ve
gotten into the habit of giving the crank bolts a tighten (with the wrench)
before every ride. This has kept them nice and tight, and I’m sure they’ll out
last the axle. They outlasted the one before it…

John Foss

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