Re[2]: A unicycle for riding on water

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Robert Bernstein wrote:
>I was intrigued by #8 which has a person on a unicycle scuba diving under
>water. It seems like a great way to learn… but in my experience salt water
>will totally ruin anything mechanical.

It wouldn’t help you learn. Unless you wore a dangerous amount of weights, you
wouldn’t have enough traction to actually ride and remain upright in the high
friction of water. The wheel would just spin, or go forward and pull you along
behind it.

>Any idea what this person did with the uni afterwards?

Returned it to the salt air where it normally lived. That was David Ramos From
Isabels, a costal town in Puerto Rico. The unicycle was probably stored outside
all year round (under cover from rain). It’s a Schwinn, which means it’s nearly
unkillable. He’s probably still riding it today.

I’d be most worried about rust inside the frame, and don’t know a good way to
combat it.

John Foss (who’s ridden regular unicycles off diving boards into pools, but
not giraffes)

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