Re. 1st unicycle dream

Reading the post made me recall a bizarre unicycling dream I had once.

In my dream it was closing time on a friday, I was cleaning up my work
station at a Mercedes Benz dealership in downtown Kansas City, MO. I
realised that I had just been convicted on a homicide charge and I
should go turn myself in. The court house wasjust up the street. So I
went walking to the court house, thinking that I would only be
permitted to have one unicycle in prison. As I went along I tried to
decide wich one it would be, and how I would get it there.

In reality I never worked there, That shop closed over 15 years ago, I
moved from Kansas City 12 years ago. As for the homocide

Any one with the prophetic gift of dream interpitation, please let me
know what you see in this one.

Al Lieffring

A good dream lawyer could easyly get you at least 2 unicycles for your incarceration. When they drag you off to wear the striped ensomble, click your heals together and say ‘I want my lawyer’.


Re. 1st unicycle dream

OK, Al, you asked for it!

Closing time on Friday: Obviously, DEATH/THE END/TIME TO GO!

The rest of your dream appears to be your subconscious’ efforts at managing your guilt over continued use of planet-killing internal-cumbustion-powered modes of transportation. Cleaning up your work station: Well, sometimes it takes a while before the dream can warm up and start utilizing more subtle symbolic imagery, and often we see this kind of blatant, heavy-handed, even clumsy, directness of meaning. Interestingly, you do not ride your unicycle to the courthouse. Walking the short distance to the courthouse represents your pathetic attempt to demonstrate a feigned remorse – which has only come about as a result of others’ condemnation of your actions, not because you actually care about the consequences your polluting activities. Walking to the courthouse after you have already been sentenced, rather than to the prison, where your sentence will be carried out, shows further denial and avoidance of responsibility. Inner conflicts between your own arrogant desire to create CO2, your indignance at being judged and condemned, and a deluded feeling of innocence based on a “but everybody else does it”-mentality are revealed in you being granted the singular privelege of keeping your unicycle in prison. Indecision over which unicycle should share your punishment and how to transport it to prison could be confusion caused by attempts to reassign blame to others for your actions, coupled with your failure to successfully incriminate them.

(note: It does not occur to you to ride the unicycle to prison, nor to use it as a means of escape… you are definitely cognizant of your guilt!)

I’m afraid that the only truly effective therapy for your pathology is to turn over custody of your car to me. Of course, for complete relief of neuroses involving guilt over your vehicle, you should continue making regular payments to your finance company and insurance carrier. Oh, and I’ll be needing your gasoline credit card, too.

– Gluteous “Freudian Slip-mount” Maximus

I have been reading the posts on this forum on and off over the past several years. I was using the newsgroups in my outlook express to get the messages but havn’t been able to post until I found a newsgroups section at google. But doing this I am not able to receive replies to my posts. I thought people were just ignoring me. I registered at a long time ago. I guess I never thought to read the posts here directly at the site.

Guilt over CO2 emissions? The only Benz I have now is a 66 roadster that hasn’t run since I got married 20 years ago. next time you are in dixie stop by and pick it up.

also if I had a good dream lawyer I would have been aquitted

Al :O)