RelentlessbyFate is making it a priority to create as many tutorials as possible for new to experienced riders to learn more tricks and stay motivated in the sport. They are found on our website in the tutorial section of videos.

Some tutorials are not embedded yet and can be found on our youtube channel.

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awesome site :wink:
Would be awesome to has a tutorial of as many tricks as possible :smiley:
then, when people have questions about a trick, I can just link them to your site and don’t have to explain in myself^^

This is fantastic. I really appreciate the effort that goes into this. Love the new crankflip video. Really explains it well.

Keep it up! The unicycle community needs things like this so we can grow!

EDIT: But I must say, it’s a bit creepy having you guys stare at me

Awesome stuff.

Kelly looks badass, but Shaun, you look like you want to murder me :roll_eyes:

That’s a really cool site.
Can you make a tutorial on flipping stairsets? Just about every time I try I end up landing on my balls :S


As for which videos to make, it would be good to work from a list of skills and/or give each a difficulty rating so riders know which to attempt next.

This is sick, big props to Shaun and Kelly for doing what unicyclists have been talking about for a while now. Lets give them our support!

Yeah I think some unicycle pics would be better on the homepage :stuck_out_tongue:

This is amazing though, keep up the hard work both of you. You’ve got my full support.

Really liking the videos! I’m still trying to ride, and the riding tutorial is great.

I have one small suggestion though, you might want to put something near the camera to block the wind from blowing the mic. :slight_smile: