RBF Highlight - Volume 3 - Shaun Johanneson

Several weeks late.


Special note: It’s a bit jumpy sometimes, not sure why that happened.

Incredible tech grinds, the best I’ve ever seen! Everything was really clean and creative too!

love it, Shaun :smiley: You’re no doubt the best tech and big grinder as of now :smiley:

I’ve a new favourite streeter
I’m totaly in love with your style :smiley:

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah! This is…SICK…!
Great job on the riding and filming and editing.

And a little question, at the end I saw some results from a quiz on something… What is that? Cause I think a unicycle quiz is really fun!:slight_smile:

amazing shaun :slight_smile: keep it up, love watching your riding now and always have!

Awesome! All the landings look really solid.

Really liked the flip to hopscotch, always thought about trying it but never did. And the crankgrab to footplant, never thought it’d see that from you :stuck_out_tongue: liked it a lot. Sweet tricking out of the roundrails too. I love your backslides, you are a backslide god.

Really loved this vid Shaun! I loved all the clips and everything was so damn clean! I usually don’t like the fake pan thing but all of them looked really nice in this video. Best vid of you yet with riding, editing, music choice and filming! Awesome to see how you just keep on improving man! Great work!!!

heeeey pretty cool! Am I the only one who thinks it´s cool that your uni resembles the colors of Danny Mc Askill´s bike? oO