Ray's MTB

I wanted to just make a quick post to thank everyone for coming out and supporting Ray’s MTB this weekend. I had a blast hanging out with you guys, and I really hope that you all feel welcome to come back soon.


Dan Smith

MGR Ray’s MTB Indoor Park

I’d like to come back very soon, perhaps this summer. In the mean time, here are some pictures that I (along with Tim and Jim) took: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/album470?page=1

It was good riding with you Dan. Trials bikers are crazy! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d also like to thank Andrew alias HCR for setting this event up. This was a really fun and cool event, and I was amazed about this awesome bike park. I’d also love to do this course on a regular Bike, although it was very very cool on the unicycle.

Thanks for all the organisation, it was one of the best days on one wheel I’ve ever had.


I’ve said it 100 times already, but thanks for having us, and I’ll be back for sure!

I loved getting to ride a bike again, that foam pit was the coolest thing ever. Now to go find some foam trails.

Yes I too, Had a wonderful time and would like to ride there again, Thank you all who made this possible!!! Can Unicyclist ride there anytime or do we have to have a private party to come because if we can I would try to make it a couple more times? :smiley:

Thanks a lot, Wogri. It was great to meet you. I had an excellent time just watching you guys ride. I’m really psyched that you had such a good time and I look forward to riding with you again at the 2nd Annual HCR Invitational… or perhaps at some other Rolling Trials event. Maybe we could have a Rolling Trials event during the Spring or Summer at Whistler Mountain Bike Park in West Virginia or at some other MTB location…

Thanks Ray. Great park and a blast to ride.


i defiitely have to come back here. you guys have sweet bikes and an awesome foam pit! plus the rest of the park itself was really great to ride. i seriously could camp there for a week, sleeping on the floor and riding all day every day. also i have a personal goal that i need to fulfill…ride my 36" around the bowl-type corner at the height of the ray’s symbol…

My warm up face plant was into said bowl.

My sentiments, exactly!

Did you attempt the bowl on your 36"er when you were there, Shadow? I had high aspirations for accomplishing that same task, but what I realized is the following:

While it’s not difficult to reach that height (or maybe even higher) for a brief amount of time… it is extremely difficult to maintain that height on the bowl for very long because you lose speed extremely quickly when you’re riding on the wall. Thus, I would be very surprised if you could enter the bowl at the very beginning of it, immediately ride up to the height of the Rays symbol, and maintain that height all the way around the bowl until the end of the exit. The berm that Brian smashed his head on is a lot more doable to get all the way around and it gets pretty steep if you ride it near the top. Did you attempt that one? I managed to get almost all the way around it when I rode it on my first trip to Rays with Dave Lowell. I am confident that I could make it all the way around that one (to the end of the exit) with a little practice. If you achieve riding all the way around the bowl berm from beginning to end (on a non-geared Coker) at a decent height, then I think I’ll have to give up my name as “HardcoreCokerRider” because it won’t seem fitting in light of your accomplishment… at least until I can pull it off, too. Your doing it first, would definitely inspire me, though… so best of luck!

Come on up. You guys ARE welcome here anytime, but you must understand that there’s a ton more high speed traffic during regular sessions, and that the higher speed traffic has the right of way. That said, week days are probably better than weekends to visit on a uni, and if you must come on a weekend, sundays would be better than saturdays. Saturdays are a Complete ZOO, with up to 80 riders in the park at one time. So if you make plans to come down on your own, just keep that in mind. (hope to see some of you soon!)

-Dan Smith

Here is a tiny clip of my flying up the ramp into the foam pit.

Ray and Dan…you should make a skinny over a foam pit when you rearrange, that way people can practice riding high!