Raw Freewheel MUni

Very impressive!!
Chad, I sent you a pm.

NICE! Great trail too! Thanks for sharing your freeride!

Wow, that looks so EASY, that’s the sign of true mastery. It also sort of makes me want to try one.

Very cool, but can you free wheel it down steep hills? Does a brake work well? Can you ride it over technical terrain?

After a lot of experimenting I have a brake setup that works well for me. On my 24" I’m still considering bumping up from my current 180mm rotor to the 203mm I’m riding in the video. I had just put that on and found it to be just a little grabby at slower speeds. That’s my most conservative riding style in the video made even more so because of the new rotor. I’m planning to use a 203mm rotor on my fat freewheel.

With the brake I can ride down arbitrarily steep hills. I would argue that it’s easier on a freewheel since you don’t have to worry about pedaling but that may betray my bias towards simplicity; I’m not coordinated enough to use a brake on a fixed wheel unicycle. I don’t ride steep hills without using the brake (pure coasting) because speeds build up pretty fast. I’ve been practicing pure coasting down gentle hills on and off road but get a little skittish in the 10-12MPH range.

I’m a marginal muni rider and I don’t ride particularly technical terrain but there’s no reason it can’t be done in general on a freewheel. It’s probably harder uphill, on flat, and places you would hop and easier rolling downhill. The hub is cotterless so the less beefy axle will not stand up to the same drops an ISIS hub would. I only recently realized that I was not unweighting from the saddle on downhill and that’s opened up more possibilities for riding faster over rougher terrain.