RAW frames

Hey, any one here RAW their frames?? if you do post a pic of it, i will have a RAW frame soon hopefully.

Looks a lot nicer in real life.

i think im gonna strip my frame, and then wire brush it…i think it will look cool…

wire brish then rub some paint in…to the scratches…

One millennium I’m going to get the cranks, frame, and post done black…

hmmmmm rim?

Too much work.

I don’t want it all black anyways.

Just the raw stuff.

You will want to clear coat it too. You wouldn’t really want to leave a steel frame raw.

Mine hasn’t rusted yet :sunglasses:


Here’s my Raw Triton frame.


That’s possibly one of the coolest pictures I have ever seen, ever.

Are there any strippers that would work better than others for an aluminum frame? I don’t want it to be all scratched up from sanding.

you dont have too sand if you get a good, commercial strength stripper. you should polish it to give it a mirror finish. that would be SICK

I am using a gel that will take off the paint, then I will just through on a layer of clear coat.


I just got a few more pics of my frame the other day, i will upload them some time later when i have a bit more time.

Beat me to it.

Picture 45.png

I may need to see some pics just to make sure what kind of strippers I want.

what was that Elliot Spitzer?

Here is mine. I’ve already p-coated white.