Raw Footage - Uniing and Skating

Jordan and I unicycling with our skater friend Eric.

Comments are appreciated, Enjoy.


Cool!! I realy liked that!!!:slight_smile:

yea me too.

Haha, thanks. It was a fun ride.

More Comments are Welcome:)

here ya go. no im kidding. why did you not edit it really good?

nice! i wish i had friend that were as good as me(or atlest close) all my frinds that uni are much worse and one got hurt bad and wont be able to do anything for 6 months.:frowning: looks like good times.

Wait so your saying the editing sucked? I didnt edit it…thats why its no music and just trimmed clips…its not a video…its just riding…But with not all the falls and…yeah

no imnot saying it sucked. just wondering why you didnt edit like yo usually do. and what kind of camera do you have?

Thanks…I see…there are alot of unicyclist around me…but ive got like 3 friends that are who I mainly ride with…but ive got like 7 or 8 in total that I could but I dont really because they are learning…

dude. your way lucky i dont knwo a single person that lives in my town that unis.

man…yur sooooo lucky


unidudeDX - haha…your unique in your town then…once I was the only one who rode…oh but not now…

oneisenough - haha I guess :slight_smile:

so since you rode soem other people started riding? and im like the laughing stock of the town. since im the only one.

Yeah people started riding when I started…after like 3 or 4 people I got kinda sick of it…but hey I cant stop them… And who cares if people laugh at you :stuck_out_tongue:

who cares. all my friends that ride were taught by me bsides the kid who got me interested, and now im bett than him. get your friends to ride, even if theyre not as good they will still be ppl to ride w/.

Yes that is true…but enough thread jacking…lets get back on topic…The Video

yea. its all good though.i hope more people will start.

I’m making my first unicycling video right now, and I’m having problems. I noticed during your video there was a short little video that had a smaller screen. Was it because you set your camera to do that. Because on my camera you can make it a smaller screen and it allows you to have longer footage, but I’m wondering if I put it on youtube it will stay small. Thanks. By the way your ridings awesome, but I don’t care for the unedited films.

Yeah thanks…ummm that little screen was croped with Adobe Premiere. Because it was far away…and Yeah…Hope your movie works out. :slight_smile: