Rationalising my fleet = unis for sale

Hi folks,

As you may have picked up from the absence of posts, I ain’t getting much chance to ride these days. I have a tiny house with far too many unicycles in it.

I am based in Nottingham, UK, with transport, and willing to deliver within reasonable distance - maybe Leicester, Derby, Chesterfield, Grantham sort of radius.

I intend to keep the 20, the Road Razor and the KH24.

I am willing to negotiate on:

  • Stock steel rimmed Coker.
  • The Holy Roller: Pashley 26" Muni, with Holy Roller tyre.
  • Nimbus 28 currently fitted with 28 mm tyre, but I have the original slightly wider tyre somewhere.
  • 24 inch ultimate wheel.

Any (except the UW) can come with a choice of cranks (within reason).

All have been well used - especially the Pashley, but all are sound and reliable.

PM me if interested.

For just and ultimate wheel, I don’t think shipping would be too bad.

I’m glad to see you’re not liquidating everything. I can certainly understand the “too may unis, very small space” syndrome.

how mutch for the coker?

I’ve had a few replies, thanks.

Let’s be frank: I am far far too busy to even think about postage and packing - especially at international rates. I work from stupid o’clock in the morning until after the post offices shut, and am busy most weekends. I can drop it off one evening within an hour’s drive, or if you know any of the EMU people, I can get it to them for them to pass it on at a UK event.

But please, if it involves shipping, don’t even ask.

This may be a stupid question, but can’t you get someone to ship it for you?

what a lazy

thats not very fair picado. the guy cant be bothrered its fair enough.

I’ll take the coker if its less than £20

i’d like a picture of the 29", i can get a train from cambridge or somethign to pick it up.

Re: Rationalising my fleet = unis for sale

Hi Mike, can you email me please (Not PM, I won’t be able to read it)
with roughly what you want for the coker? If you can get it to an EMU
who is going to the hockey tournament next week I can get someone to
colllect it from them.
Thanks, Liam

If you’re the Liam from the Lunis, then I might be able to help if the timing works out. I’m in Nottingham this weekend, and will be back in London on Monday morning. If that helps with transport then let me know.