Raspberry Fanta - Uni Nats video comp entry

This is my uni nats video comp entry.

The riding is from a few months after my foot tendon injury up untill the week before nats


Nice video, you have the smoothest style!

Cool, Flowy vid.

i loved the transitions from spot to spot. ur riding is so smooth man! team diiiirty whaaale! :smiley:

sweet video whats the karbon uni like to ride?

thanks guys :slight_smile: glad you liked it

the carbon uni is awesome so far! only been riding it like 3 or so weeks so far.

Smooth!!! Great style.

This one should have won!

Ah well, I voted for ya’, did what I could. :stuck_out_tongue:

crazy good
the crankflip down that gap was cool

Sam! I liked your video!

you had more tricks then Dan!

what did you do to your foot?

This video is so awesome! :smiley: Nice mix of styles, I love the way you ride flat too!

I liked this video because of all the different types of riding it and it never got to the point to where it was ever boring.

I really like the 180 gap you did and the carbon frame looks sick!!

Also how light is it??

thanks man :slight_smile: haha at least i did my own filming!! :stuck_out_tongue:

You should of introduced yourself to me as obtuse llama i didnt know who you were! what’s your actual name again?

Phil, if you look at my last video before this one on youtube you will see what i did to my foot! its called unused/flatland clips.

The carbon frame isnt that much lighter its 600grams. but looks awesome! and the one piece moulded design should be stronger then tubes welded together…

thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Haha, I didn’t realise that you were even on the forums until pretty late when I noticed the yellow pedals :o. My name is Will :slight_smile:

And yeah, I thought your video deserved to win because as amazing is Dan’s was, he didn’t film it himself. The cinematography earned him alot of votes whereas I believe the riding should earn votes. Dan’s riding was amazing but your’s was that bit fresher. :slight_smile:

thanks man :slight_smile: i’m pretty sure i remember you, you were busting out some smooth rolling 180’s and trying 360’s from the cranks yeah?

Haha yeah, I was trying to smooth out my rolling 180’s and 360’s. It was the 270’s I was trying to get from the cranks. :slight_smile:

Did you end up getting them from pedals? maybe try them rolling too :slight_smile: