Rash on my leg

For the past few weeks i’ve had this weird rash thing between my legs around where i sit on the seat :angry:

It’s really irritating to ride for a long time with it…
I was wondering if anyone else has this?
And what should i do to get rid of it?

Sorry if this is in the wrong thread… i wasnt sure wich one to do :smiley:

Its from the materials of your pants and the seat constantly rubbing up and down in that area. It will go away.

finally someone replied :smiley:
Is there any way from preventing it though? will biking shorts help?


Yeah, bike shorts, that lube stuff you can rub on before rides.

But for me, I had it a lot when I was starting, then it finally died down. Now I never get it. Not even when im riding from when I wake up, to when I go to bed.

I think its worse for hairy guys, because the hairs actually twist, pull, and kinda get shaved off. But your 14, so im not sure how hairy you are. lol

nah not very hairy :smiley:

well i think i might pick up some real thin biking shorts to wear under my clothes :smiley:
Thanks for the help

Is it itchy when you aren’t riding? It could be a fungus known as tinea cruris - or jock itch which could be caused from the rubbing and sweating. Theres creams you could apply to get rid of it.

I think that might be it :frowning:

Its nothing to worry about, its pretty common. Just get Lamisil or a similar jock itch / athlete’s foot medicated cream at a drug store and it should be gone in a week or two. It will probably come back again after that but theres not much you can do other than make sure you shower or atleast change after a sweaty ride. Don’t go to bed after a hot ride without showering and the fungus will be less likely to grow.

Ok thanks :smiley:
Ill go get somthing to put on it tomorrow

I used to get that. But it just went away after a while. I think my skin toughened up a bit.

Try “compression shorts”. They are similar to bike shorts but do not have the padding and are much cheaper. Look in the sporting goods department of your favorite Walmart, Target, etc.

Also be sure to change into dry clothes after you ride. Don’t wear wet/sweaty pants for a long time because that can lead to skin problems.

Ok i guess ill look for those :smiley:
Can i wear them under my clothes?

I don’t know if anybody already said it but the dx seat is really horrible with this. As soon as I switched it went away.

also try getting some chamois cream like the butt’r they seel on udc.

it helps so much.

Yes. They are worn as underwear.

While you are looking for a pair of compression shorts, also consider looking for a pair of nylon basketball-type shorts. They don’t have a big seam in the crotch which makes them more comfortable to wear. Wearing something like bluejeans is very uncomfortable because the heavy fabric results in a big, thick seam in the crotch which you have to sit on.

That helps with chaffing but does it really do anything as far as the fungus? From what he’s said so far it seems like hes got the fungal growth.

Lol, that makes it sound disgusting :stuck_out_tongue:

Not wanting to panic you or anything, but if :

  • You've managed to draw blood (I did when I first started, wrong pants.)
  • It's irritating even when you haven't been riding
then it could also be folliculitis. It's easiest identifiable symptom is pustules forming at the base of hairs. If it is that, you'll want it inspected by a doctor as soon as possible as it can spread, is contagious and can quickly lead to more serious infections.

It only takes a short course of prescription drugs to get shot of (some mild antibiotics) but you’ll want to get it seen to before it spreads.

Well i havent bled at all, and sometimes it’s irritating when im not unicycling, but just a little itchy (alot less than a misquito bite though) :smiley: