rash on legs from uni seat

when i ride my unicycle i usually get this rash and redness on the side of my legs on the inside of my thighs.it burns and hurts and prevents me from enjoying and being able to ride my uni at full capability:(

does anyone no how to prevent or fix this problem? :thinking:


What seat and clothing do you use?

A good seat goes a long way to reducing that problem, a crappy seat can make riding unbearable regardless of what you’re wearing.

Wearing good quality, cycling knicks is the other part of the solution, either as your shorts, or under whatever shorts you like to uni in.

Riding rash

Along with a good seat and bike shorts, I find that bodyglide www.bodyglide.com/ applied to the inner thighs helps as well. I found it locally at Sports Authority.

Found this for dealing with salt soars, when training for a 300 mile kayak race that the wife and I did.


i get the same problem and i do have a crappy seat!lol a trainer unicycle but im ordering new knoxx one today yey and i wear jeans, although i only get rashes on some days and not others :thinking:

i have a torker lx seat witch is not the best should be fine i think.
i always ride in jeans.thats all i have.haha.levis.

so would a better seat reduce my problem or could it be the way i ride?

The seat on the LX is not great. We have an LX that my wife and kids are learning on, I find the seat too uncomfortable to ride. Can’t imagine jeans + the LX seat is a good mix. Would be worth upgrading the seat on the LX (which will require a new seatpost too) to any of the KH seats. That should do the trick :slight_smile:

i’ll start looking around and saving up.thanks for the help:)

I always wear tight cycling shorts under my pants or shorts (no underwear).

For med-long rides I don’t wear jean pants or shorts and use Chamoix Butt’r.

If you are new to unicycling, or got a new unicycle/new seat, then this is probably natural. I had it and its a pain. It only lasts about a week or two. It will go away with riding.

yes.my unicycle is new.