Raring to go!

After looking at many Youtube videos in envy I decided I wanted to learn to unicycle. This was a few months back and now I’m back doing the same thing but this time I’m really motivated! Though I need help.

I’m a 6" 158lb male who doesn’t play much sport though I am reasonably naturally athletic. I’m completely new to unicycling.

I was wondering the following:
What reasonably inexpensive but decent quality unicycle should I get as a beginner?
What size wheel should I get in accordance with my height and weight and being a beginner?
What other stuff do you think I should know?

Thank you in advance, all replies will be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:



There will be a tonne of really useful advice along in just a moment but in the mean time, just in case you’re close to someone on this forum, where are you…roughly speaking? A personal meet up could help you get started and try some different options.


Ok cheers :slight_smile: South-East England

What type of riding are you looking into? This will determine your wheel size and type. You are tall enough to start out with pretty much any size 20" and up. A 20" is usually better for learning basic skills like freemounting, hopping and turning. When deciding what wheel size to go with, always remember the Shmolagin principle that I came up with right now: The larger the wheel is, the faster the wheel goes. (Profound, Right? :p) The only problem with that is, bigger unicycles are less maneuverable. If you want to commute it would be a good idea to consider starting with a 24" or a 26". You could start with a wheel bigger than that, but people tend to start small and go larger with time. Your first unicycle also depends on how much you want to spend. If you want to go cheap and give it a try before investing in a better unicycle, then read the following, otherwise you might want to look into nimbus unicycles.
I would recommend a torker unicycle, but those are not near as available in the UK as they are in the USA. Check out the learner unicycles from UDC (Unicycle Dot Com) here.

Thank you very much Shmolagin, that was insightful. I’ll keep all that in mind.

For now I’m just looking to learn how to ride and then later I will go onto learning basic skills as you mentioned (once I’ve mastered riding).

So would a 24" be better than a 20" for my situation?

I would say a 24" They ride a little more stable, and you are also reasonably tall. That being said, get whichever you choose. :smiley:

I’ll go with that!

Thank you very much :smiley:

Your Welcome!
You might want to wait for some others to reply to this thread as well, I’m not the only person on this forum…

Ah yes will do. Cheers.

People keep the replies coming in!

A 24" Torker would be a great starter for a 6’ tall adult. Or whatever the most conveniently available equivalent is in the UK. There are a bunch of UK riders on this forum who can advise specifics. Good luck!

Okay thank you for the second opinion :slight_smile:

Hi Standby :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum.

Just to throw a spanner in the works I would suggest a 20” udc trainer. Most people start on 20” then they move onto a 24” , then a 26” then…:smiley:
A 20’’ is nearer to the ground for starters so not as far to fall, you’ll probby be able to just step off, most of the time.
Have a look at unicycle.co.uk , there is a list of FAQ’s on the left side of the home page.

Don’t forget safety gear ( if you wear it that is) I’d suggest a helmet, gloves and some sort of shin guard. The gloves will save your wrists and protect your fingers while your practicing against the fence.

Aye, ‘youtube’ has loads of useful vids. Have you seen the ‘Expert Village’ ones?
oh, and have a gander at dudewithoutasock’s thread and the ‘learning journal’ thread.
Good Luck and keep us posted and we like pics :D.

There are a few blokes from your area on here, they might appear soon :slight_smile:

Thank you Alucard! :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to check out some of those videos.

The others suggested 24" because of my height it seems. What’s your take on this? Will my height effect things at all?

I am 6’ tall and weigh 154 pounds, similar to yourself and I started on a second hand rusty 20" unicycle with a loose crank and a very uncomfortable viscount saddle. The 24" is a great all rounder but for a beginner every extra inch increases the difficulty level, so I would suggest that you begin on a cheap 20" learner with 125mm cranks.
You can make all your mistakes on that and bash it around. If you decide that you like unicycling you might choose to buy a more specialized unicycle. By then you will be more informed and better able to make a choice.
Wear flat grippy trainers for better grip on the pedals. Wrist guards have saved my wrists several times when I fell, and you will fall!! Avoid falling backwards. Some unicyclists wear a light back pack to protect the back from impact should they fall backwards. I suggest learning on the grass.

Hope this helps

+1 on the 20". Easier to learn most skills and tricks, good for light trials, a bit more portable, and a bit less $.

Although most taller people (6’+) tend to prefer bigger wheels. A 24" is faster, learning and most tricks are usually harder, more stable, and OK for light Muni

Any of the 20 or 24" unis on the page Shmolagin posted would be fine, but I’d recommend a Club. A bit more $, it’s got a good reputation. So the uni lasts, I’d avoid any drops over a curb and keep hopping to a minimum until u can get a splined uni (or just start off w/ a Nimbus II).

Watch videos to help u decide what style u want to get into. Lots of good ones in the videos section here.

As I’ve just learnt on a 20" and am 183cm (or 6’ for you imperialists) so I’d also recommend it. In the first few weeks even a 20" feels like a giraffe!
Get a cheap 20" trainer from unicycle.com here in the UK and see how you like it. As you develop you’ll get a feel for what you might like to do next and then you can invest in something a bit more expensive…then another, and another :astonished:


I’m 6"3 and lighter, but I have recently got a Indy freestyle 20" uni in the UK

People have had mixed opinions on it but so far its taught me to ride property, backwards idle and even do some hops

Its 90 quid and has splined cranks. I think it’s an okay starting uni

There’s no point going crazy on a uni yet you might not even like it, but it will give you an idea and allow some basic tricks to see if you do like it

Would you average pair of basic trainers suffice? Like a pair of Nike Court traditions?

Thank you so much all of you! Looks like a 20" will be a good idea for me and after researching more it seems that it’s a good one to test out unicycling with :slight_smile:

Hope I can learn well and even keep everyone posted with my progression! It seems so cool :smiley:


I think you’ll find any basic pair of trainers will do to get you started. Something that covers the ankle will give you a measure of protection against knocks on the crank (you don’t always get your foot perfectly positioned on the pedal and, as you’ll shortly be finding out, correcting your foot position while trying to balance/pedal is an art in its own right :slight_smile:

Depending on how old/fragile you are I would second Alucard’s recommendations regarding safety gear. As an old git I probably spent as much on safety gear to protect myself from impacts and falls as I spent on my first unicycle. Do get a helmet and I recommend a pair of gloves, with wrist guards if you can. That’ll go some way to making sure you don’t do any serious damage, especially if you fall backwards. I added to this a pair of knee/shin guards which I’ve been grateful for a few times and, eventually, thin elbow pads. Latterly as I’ve moved onto a larger wheel and rougher terrain I’ve added a Camelbak. Great to keep you hydrated but even better on those rare opportunities you land flat on your back. UPDs (unplanned dismounts) get easier to perform safely as you gain a bit of skill and confidence.
Keep us updated on your progress.


Okay thanks for that!

I’ll be sure to get the safety gear I need :slight_smile: Do you think I could get away with using regular football/soccer shinpads as apposed to shin guards? I was thinking to do this to save money.