Rare walk behind unicycle..... ?

This is pretty funny


You’ve got to be kidding.

Wow, okay, that’s litterally the front forks of a bicycle, with the handle still on it. Hahahahahaha. Sooooooo rare…

Haha, put the frame and rear wheel on it and it might be worth $20. But take that stuff off, rendering it useless and tack on another $980! Makes sense to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he had a little too much of his medication. Paonia may be lovely, but not that lovely.

They need to take the i out and call it an Un-cycle. Truth in advertising! :smiley:

Oh my gosh. I saw this a little bit ago and was just about to post a thread about it. Pretty funny. I see he lowered the price.

Rare waterless surfboard

I have a super-rare waterless surfboard for those who would like to surf, but are afraid of water. $1000. Please put douche-bag in reply so I know it’s for me.


I don’t know if you were aware, but… In the olden days, when people went to the circus (rather than watching it from their sofas), there were unicyclists who had one of these things. They would ride around the ring on a unicycle pretending to ride a bicycle. But the front half (i.e. this thing) was disconnected from the back half. It caused much merriment as the “bicycle” seemed to have a mind of its own. Nothing new under the sun!


Don’t laugh

There is a vid on youtube where a family rides their uni while holding these. At first it looks like they are on a bicycle. It was under Tj, Hunter and Carson Howell. I don’t know how to include the link.

Omg. Now I NEED to make myself of these! One day, when I chance across a scrapped bicycle… lol

I’m going to do the same thing, but sell it for $500 instead :stuck_out_tongue: I did that when I used to have a bunch of bike parts at home. It was pretty funny, I could do super long wheelies! :slight_smile:

You copy the adress, click the link button (looks like a globe of the earth w/ a paper clip at the bottom), paste in the address, and hit OK.

I think the ad is funny! And was intended to be so. Craigslist ads are free, so you can put whatever you want. :slight_smile:

Or he could have called it a unicycle training wheel… :smiley:

Some were actual breakaway bikes, that started out as full-on bikes, but with the release of a catch, would fall apart and leave only a unicycle.

Cool! T.J. has been performing with unicycles (and juggling and other skills) since at least 1983, when we met him in Michigan. But he’s riding his sideways zig-zag giraffe the wrong way around. It looks much better when you spin it with the wheel to the outside – then it appears to be standing up straight!

I don’t know who did the sideways zig-zag first, but Peter Rosendahl (first IUF Freestyle champion) used one in his shows, starting in the 90s when he worked at Circus Circus in Las Vegas. He also rode it with his beautiful assistant standing on the flat part.