Rare twenty inch Schwinn Unicycle

This is a Real clean, not scratched, 70’s era Schwinn Unicycle. It was originaly a 24" wheel and frame, the original wheel was weak and flexable, so I ordered a new wheel and crank kit from (--------.com) out of Murieta Ga.

It is the “Monty 20” Trials conversion kit", with a new seat cover and bear trap pedals. The frame is Re-Chromed, with New correct Schwinn stickers (rare find), original seat base, post and foam. The kit came with the wheel set, cranks, new bearings and clips, It has a Kovachi brushed alloy rim, with stainless spokes, trued, dished and ready to go. It has the Monty trials 20x20.5 bike trials tire. It rides smooth straight and tight. As for pictures…I’m struggling with the “url?” to post pics. So I’ll load them in “my photo album” in my user cp. (help from Administration?")
This unicycle is like new condition and the only thing wrong with it is the owner/me, I’m too tall, old and heavy, 210lbs to enjoy it to it’s potential.
I was never as comfortable with the slightly smaller profile, but that’s just me.
It will be a blast for the new owner and a real conversation peice.
I am hoping to procure a 24 or 26" to replace it. This could even be a trade or whatever works best. Ship from 93710 to anywhere.

Let us know when you can post a link to your pictures. You can always upload them someplace else, like Flickr or some other free location. The uni sounds interesting. The first Trials uni I ever rode was a Schwinn/Monty conversion and I have fond memories of being able to hop/ride over stuff I never could before that. :slight_smile:

Oh yea no problem John, But for now, You CAN see what pics I have so far, just click on my avitar, then click on my pics. If better detail is needed it can be done. And yes, actually this is an exceptional find, I mean I’m the original owner (1976-77?) and it is vitually scratch free. Has one from the bs hook it lived on for years, oops, but that’s it.