Rare Footage of Jon Atwell!

Secret new video released! Rare footage? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


(ps, this was my jon atwell stalker footage i had… that i told you guys about)

haha. Yeah. Mondo 08 was pretty cool. My friend won ‘kinder eggs’. We still have them… Lol.

I posted the vid because iw as extremely bored, and had the footage on my comp. All in good fun.

I meant no harm in this video. I filmed it out a pear fun, since i riding in the same area as a great rider. Once again, i meant no harm in posting this video, and filming it. i hope you understand the fact that it was a joke. Lol.

In my opinion, its really funny. I seriously couldn’t stop laughing.

Funny… He needs to make more videos so we can see his mad skills.

Also I never saw anyone else sit like that, and I must say after trying it, it is way more comfirtable than what most sit like.

you know he was hittin on that freestyler girl:D

I KNOW! He was walking around flirting with her THE WHOLE TIME! and then showing off his skillz (crankrolls) in front of her lol.

And there is nothing wrong with that at all. :slight_smile:

yea well it looks like you were stalking him the whole time! :astonished:

Edit: anyway this thread is the pretty much the funniest thread in a while.
(I want Jon to reply, hes was/is lurking)

He has more skills than that :smiley: He also has freestyle skills, flips, spins, monkey kicks, ect.

He is lurking again right now…

EDIT: I am watching my playlist of all his videos right now…

hahaha wow this hit me by suprise to say the least…especially after not secretly releasing any footage that could have been leaked.

sitting comment-haha dude its an amazing way to sit let me tell u

any terrain-hold out alittle longer a vid is in the works right now just working on finding time(since im so busy with those freestyle girls haha jk) for filming and making new combos.

haha everyones saying girl…clearly noone noticed the line of girls behind her;)

thanks for posting this unibikeling haha easily made my night and feel free to take any more random footage you like…ill leave the curtins open tonight;)

jon A

edit:after posting this…haha lurking noway more enjoying the forum and having no idea what i would say to something like this

Jon Atwell is so hot!

Shauns goatee is hot.

You inspired me to grow one. But at the age of 16, it isnt anywhere near as grand.

lol, that’s funny. Yeah being 20 is a bit easier, lol.

Haha. Yeah. I’m really surprised you didnt look over at the camera when i was filming, nor did ‘the girl’ lol. They really need to set up a trials set area in the gym, so i’m not stuck doing 1 footed for 7 hours.

Yeah… I really should have gotten video of you signing that autograph (i think it was an autograph anyway), My friend and I saw you doing that, and i just laughed soooo hard. That was one of the most funny things ive ever saw. I mean grats that your that popular to sign autographs, but it just looked like an awkward moment… haha.

Wrong house jeremy. You were looking at Pat’s house. WROOOOOOOONG state lol.

lol this is the funniest thread in a long time

yeah, i sit like that all the time. I must say this was hilarious.

Mondo = AMAZING.

haha… i still get a kick out of that video… Actually, right now, the left of the shot when its showing me saying shhh, is in Seattle Washington at the moment. Yeah… and he unicycles. I envy his being near people that would ride…