Rare Finds, Odd Rides and Antiques

I thought it might be fun to post the more unusual unicycles rides out there. I found this today at a garage sale. It’s a 16" plastic wheel with a solid rubber tire. It stands about 3 feet. The seat isn’t much more then an inch wide, and it’s hard as a brick. I think I might clean it up a bit and plop a new seat on it.

Anyone have any idea what it is?




ouch. is the uni even made of metal?

omg! lol saddle comfort fail!

The seat tube looks longer than even freestyle length! The wheel is also badly off-center. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha, that must be one of the seats John Foss says are made for robots, not humans.

cool post…

I got a purple 70’s Emory, the seat cushion was gone, and so was the tire. It had 130 mm cottered cranks and a steel 24" rim and solid frame (the seat tube was a tube though). I gave it to a friend to learn on. I put a fast Primo tire on it and a Torker DX saddle also.

Purple Emory.JPG

The seat at the top would be amazing for like hicktriples and stuff… as long as nothing was landed to seat in XD

The wheel looks like a Jugglebug but I could be wrong. The seat is similar to those I’ve seen on OLD Japanese unis.