Raphael & Lorenz Pöham


Just a short video of this evening… clips were filmed in 1-2 hours…

I hope you like it:)


Pretty freakin’ incredible!

I really want your training room :stuck_out_tongue:

Was that a sej flip Raphael? :astonished: Or just a rolling 7? Either way it looked nice. Edit was great as well, and every trick was crazy.

Yeah, my first one:p Thank you, but there will come a very big video for EUC i think ;D

Man raph, how long have you been riding that tire??

Great tricks as always

I love my tire:D i wouldn’t change it for a new one ;D


Url:: http://unicycle.tv/video/1161-RaphaelLorenzPham
Video:: http://deluxe.unicycle.tv/1161.raphaellorenzpham.mov

and Vimeo:


Another awesome video guys! :sunglasses: You continually get better and now I can’t wait for that EUC video :smiley:

good, better, Pöham!nice

Wow sick video :astonished:
Al the tricks in the video are verry clean.:smiley:
The 900side and first unispins of Lorenz where verry cool

Crazy video!!! Look forward to EUC video :slight_smile:

Very nice vid’ which tally with the music, sooo cool ! :wink: