Rant Thread: Udc shipping, What the hell?

$15 to ship 4 pairs of bearing holders to california? $20 for the holders and $15 for the shipping?!?!? My god, what the hell? Not to mention the serious lack of parts most of “us” really want, koxx unis, tryall parts , (resonably priced) kh unis, quax parts etc etc. And not Rip us off when it comes around to shipping the damn thing!

Post your udc complaint rant.

What really bothers me is how rarely they update the site, it seems to be hit and miss with a lot of stuff as to whether its in stock or not. Then, when you email them a question often times they will take atleast a week to respond and when they do, sometimes they don’t even address the question you asked causing you to wait another week. Darren has always responded with in one day and quite a few times he even answered the same day I sent him the question. Darren is just one guy so how come he can be so speedy yet UDC takes a week?

I think it would also be beneficial for them to post more than one picture of most items, preferably from different angles so you can get a better idea about things such as frame clearance etc.

One last issue that I’ve had and I know others have had is loose spokes, specifically on nimbus freestyle unicycles. They should really check to make sure things such as that are at a decent tension.

It seems like the quality and selection of items at UDC UK and municycle.com completely surpass UDC US. I really think they need to step it up.

Just to clarify: this is about UDC US i assume. So people from other countries dont start saying how great UDC is. Cause they are completely different.

I was going to buy a deluxe nimbus 36er with other random stuff that was well over $1000US. I asked for a free set of primos, and they flatly refused.
Steep prices, shit service: emails that often, say have three questions, one will be answered. Expensive shipping that they ofter screw up, with wrong orders and defaulty parts.

I am not buying anything from them (the uni.us).

Yeah, UDC UK rocks, if only we had one like that. Infact, i have found that shipping from the UK is only a tad more than from the USA UDC, And sometimes even the same!

Yeah if it werent for… whats it called… not shipping… the other thing that costs alot when you buy stuff from over seas… Well if it werent for that, alot of the stuff would be a better deal from UK UDC.

That is my exact experience with them.

Nothing, I just made a big order with UDC UK.

No theres definitally something. It cost me $60. You might be in for a surprise. I just remembered its called customs. Im pretty sure you have to pay it. How big is your order?

i do have one complaint about Udc aus

when i was tryng to change my details (where for them to ship to) the system was overly complicated and once we were completed it didnt change(we clicked the refresh button)
so we did the same thing again 3 or so times and it finnally worked ,

oh and aus udc does have a relitivly small inventory but this is slowly changing

Yeah, I got two saddles from them about two weeks ago and paid $100 with shipping and everything. For two freaking saddles. They also both started to break within a week.

Methinks they need competiton right freaking now.
Not everybody is rich.

Don’t feel too bad…

I ordered an instructional 3D graphics dvd from a company that cost $75, and the only shipping option was $18

$18 DOLLARS to ship a DVD!!! (from CA to MN) which still took about 5 days.

sometimes it’s not so much the shipping…it’s the HANDLING… I guess:(

i think UDC us needs to be more like UDC UK, they have a larger selection of unis, and from what i have heard, far better selection. I think its time that UDC gets some competition!

Stuff in the US is still much cheaper than UDC UK. I guess we’re used to higher prices and the extremley high quality of service makes it more tolerable. As an example, goats your two saddles would have cost $130 over here, despite the shipping only being a couple of hundred miles, an airfoil is $180 compared to your $92. It seems that you wouldn’t care so much about the prices if you always got what you wanted on time and got the occasional freebie.

yeah, I was gonna buy the parts for a nimbus 36er and build it up myself, to save some money…but it turns out shipping on the parts separately is over $30 more than shipping for the preassembled uni…I can’t imagine why, because it’s the same parts with the same weight in the same box…but in a different configuration. Shipping the parts instead of the uni would have been $94 dollars :astonished: .

but yeah, I’ve also had problems with them taking a while to respond to emails…

outrageous S&H

I just ordered a crank removal tool from UDC. The price was $16.50…the S&H was $24.71 ! I should have bough a cheap gear puller from local parts store.
The shipping on my Nimbus was $111.00.

What does it normally cost to ship things to Alaska? I can’t imagine it being very cheap.

I havent had a great deal of trouble with the cost of shipping or anything (probably because i live in columbus–only an hour or two away from udc), but i really think that they need to be more specific with their items. When we bought my coker, the picture had a different tire than the one mine came with and it had brakes though there was not option to order them on the page. We thought that they were just part of the price and came automatically. Apparently we were wrong. Also we had a lot of trouble with the length of the crank arms (they were too long for my short legs) and they were trying to send us longer ones. They really just need to get their stuff together. I think it would be easier for me to just drive up there next time i need to order something.

The uk has cheaper carbon bases along with some other things.

Some firms profit off shipping

UDC charges me about 15 $ to ship a small box from Georgia to Florida. A E Bike wanted 8$ to ship a uni from Michigan.
111$ to ship a uni to Alaska sounds high. But there’s not a lot of room in those bush planes. And by the time you factor in the extra cost of bear repellent and snow shoes, maybe you got a deal !:wink: