Random stuff

I was stuck in a hot classroom, first teaching high school students and then
high school teachers, during the weeks when seemingly the rest of the unicycling
world was in China, so I have nothing to say about Unicon except that I’m glad
you all got home safely, have been kind enough to share your experiences, and
that I’m terribly jealous of you all.

So. I was paying my subscription fee to mountain bike magazine when I came
across an interesting link. They’ve been somewhat dissing people who ride
single-speed mountain bikes lately, and included at the bottom the “Daily Buzz”
section the following: “One last link for the singlespeeders out there:
http://www.unicycling.com/brett/e_muni/faq.html” This, of course, is Brett
Bymaster’s Muni FAQ. I thought it was pretty cool that they’d let the
single-speeders see that they haven’t got a monopoly on perverse ways to ride
off road. See the original page at:

Oh, yeah–equipment. I’ve been trying out some new stuff. First of the bunch is
a new Telford, about which only one word: amazing. It’s made me a better rider
in more ways than I can count. Geoff F. is one remarkable craftsman. On a less
significant scale is a new experiment with knee pads. I’d been using some
inline-skating designed knee pads, which were comfortable, but would often slide
down my knee when I really fell hard (kinda useless, really, except that they’d
soak up the blood after a fall). I found a review somewhere (maybe at the
mountain bike website; can’t remember, now) for a Fox kneepad called the Radius.
It’s not designed to stand alone, but to go under some huge BMX knee pad, but I
use it by itself. It’s made mostly of neoprene and airprene (wetsuit stuff),
just a sleeve of it, with rippled pads across the kneecap area and lycra behind
the knee. These things are sweet for a rider like me. They give your knee
support (more than most knee braces I’ve worn) just by wearing them, and they
won’t slide down during falls. They aren’t as well padded as some knee pads, and
they get pretty hot, too (throw 'em in the wash, and air-dry), but for my needs
they’re perfect. Note: I’m not a very good Munier. I like to ride trails, and
that’s pretty much it–no mad hopping, cliff-riding, etc. in my riding
repertoire. But I still fall down a lot, sometimes pretty hard, and these
provide exactly what I want from a knee pad.

Cheers, Peter (not affiliated with Telford or Fox!)

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